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Reschedule the Dispenser after a Medication Schedule is Lost

How to Reload a Schedule on the Dispenser

If you’ve lost your dispenser’s schedule, you may call the Philips Medication Dispensing Service to assist you. If it’s after business hours, you can manually download the schedule to the dispenser through the phone line, using the steps below.

To remove medication cups use the following steps:

NOTE: You may find it helpful to remove cups and keep them in the same order that you remove them to simplify the reloading process. Some people find it helpful to unload the cups back into the Philips Medication Dispenser Loading Tray that was provided with the dispenser.

  1. Turn off the dispenser by using the power switch located on the back of the dispenser between the phone and electrical cord connectors. Slide it up for on, down for off.
  2. Use your finger to move the cylinders and remove cups as cylinders move to the opening.
  3. There are 10 numbered cylinders. You will find the number at the base of the cylinder.

  4. When all cups have been removed, turn the dispenser back on.
  5. The unit will begin a self-test. When it is done the voice will announce that the unit is “Ready for Set Up 
System OK.”

To download the schedule:

  1. Make sure the phone cord is plugged into the dispenser and wall telephone jack.

  2. IMPORTANT: If the home has voice mail through the phone company, delete all messages before proceeding.

  3. Press SCHEDULE then press OK to dial into the Medication Scheduling Support Center.
  4. Press OK once again to allow the unit outside line access and to dial direct for the schedule download.

  5. NOTE: If the home phone requires a user to dial 9 or another number to connect to an outside line, press the right arrow key to move over to PREFIX and use the up or down arrows to locate the number needed, then press OK.

    You will hear a dial tone and dialing followed by a modem tone that sounds like a fax machine. When contact is successful the unit display will read “Unit Empty Ready to Load.” The schedule has been successfully downloaded and the dispenser can now be reloaded
with medication cups.

    If the call does not go through you’ll see “Support Center Does 
Not Answer” on the display. Press OK then SCHEDULE and OK to try dialing again.